Cellphish – Suicide Kings

Ska is dead, or at least its popular status has died especially since we all “sold out” with the likes of Reel Big Fish. However, its underground has stayed consistent since Ska’s humble band geek beginnings. That underground has been fueled by its loyal horn blowing fans who will definitely find Cellphish a welcome newcomer.

Little Barrie – We Are Little Barrie

The name Little Barrie brings to my mind a picture of Johnny Depp as Scottish playwright J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland. In other words, innocent, wistful, and impossibly white. It’s not a good mental picture to have when listening to a British band trying to dig up the depths of 60s and 70s funk-rock. Perusal […]

A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner

A Wilhelm Scream

The intense delivery of A Wilhelm Scream’s fourth full length album, Ruiner, is as meticulous and skilled as it was on their previous record, Mute Print. There is a clearly audible eighties-hair metal influence that makes itself known during the entirety of Ruiner, however the sound of the album can easily be classified as “post-hardcore.” […]