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Cellphish – Suicide Kings

Ska is dead, or at least its popular status has died especially since we all “sold out” with the likes of Reel Big Fish. However, its underground has stayed consistent since Ska’s humble band geek beginnings. That underground has been fueled by its loyal horn blowing fans who will definitely find Cellphish a welcome newcomer.

Cellphish, a Ska, knee slappin’ good time out of California, have released Suicide Kings as the group’s debut. This group, which sounds like a disc Fat Wreck would snap up in a heartbeat, have surprisingly left themselves free of record company jargon and released this one on their own.

Beginning with a short sound clip from Amadeus, they immediately launch into a no holds bar furry. The starter track entitled “Last Time” features an excellent harmonization between horn and percussion with a hint of rhythm guitar. The lyrics “in your eyes I am dying” and “this is the last time that I’ll feel this way” may sound corny, but with the musical compliment the combination is quite catchy. “Waltz” follows the same formula with an intertwined use of horn and the standard line up.

The Cellphish five piece have done well, created something to remind us of how good it felt to scream simple choruses with a horn screaming in the background, proving its still okay to jump and shout.


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