Daysend – Severance

Within the first minute of Daysend’s Metal Blade release Severance I was interested. Not blown away mind you, but a bit intrigued because of their production finesse that resulted in a crisp, crystal clear sound. The music follows the current trend of blending melodic modern metal with hardcore while using classic metal guitar leads and […]

Cataract – With Triumph Comes Loss

From the bland, by-the-book metalcore riffage, to the worn song titles “Killing Tool,” “Skies Grow Black,” “Fuel,” and “Reborn from Fire,” these Swiss students of American hardcore need to find their own identity. There’s no variety in Federico Carminitana’s vocal delivery for the duration of this 40- minute disc. Sure, he’s brutal and convincing, it’s […]

The Crown – Crowned Unholy (CD/DVD)

The swan song to a 14-year musical journey, Crowned Unholy is a fitting exclamation point to the collective career of the most rock-n-roll of the death metal elite, Sweden’s The Crown. The album is a re-worked and re-mastered version of the band’s 2002 release, Crowned in Terror, with newly recorded vocals and bass parts and […]

Cattle Decapitation – Humanure

The calm before the storm. The opening instrumental, “Scatology Domine (intro),” sounds like it came out of an upright piano in some mental health rec room. The title track, “Humanure,” barrels out of the speakers like some PCP-addled psycho from a 1970s after-school special. The tight start/stop barrage of drummer Michael Laughlin and bassist Troy […]

Unearth – The Oncoming Storm

Unearth - The Oncoming Storm

Head for the basement or the doorjambs as Massachusetts’s metal-core merchants Unearth unleash The Oncoming Storm. The band’s fourth release, first for Metal Blade, is a thunderous, dark, and well-rounded effort. Adam Dutkiewicz’s (Killswitch Engage) bottom-heavy production shines on cuts like the rapid fire, militaristic “Bloodlust of the Human Condition” and “Predetermined Sky,” which features […]

Beyond Embrace – Insect Song

From the opening crush of “Fleshengine Breakdown,” the triple guitar charge of Massachusett’s Beyond the Embrace takes off like a bat out of hell and doesn’t let up for the next 44 minutes. Ok, three guitars—I know you’re thinking the Outlaws or Lynyrd Skynyrd, but no, think (new) Iron Maiden, and you’re on the right […]