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Various Artists – ReBoot: Notes For The Next Generation – Om Records

San Francisco’s Om Records continues to make its mark as an iconic electronic label with its ReBoot release, a benefit for African children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

Already known for artists like Mark Farina, Ming and FS and People Under The Stairs (to name but a few), Om pulls joints from its already outstanding repertoire, and extends its impressive roster with acts like Jeremy Soles Musaics and Louie Vega.

The purpose is certainly commendable. AIDS in Africa has killed ten times more people than all the wars and conflicts on the continent combined*; and as we presumably all know at this point, and compared to other countries that are also dealing with the disease, it has taken its greatest toll on the African population. It is not at all uncommon for children to lose both of their parents to this epidemic, and as one can imagine, many of these children face living with this disease, in addition to without family.

That said, the music tends to be fitting fare for an evening of dancing in Dockers or nibbling on tapas in the Mission District with your blind date; and I have a hard time really enjoying the substance as much as the concept.

I am admittedly not the biggest fan of repetitive dance music with a recurring world beat flare; but nonetheless, I think this purchase would be more of a humanitarian decision than a satisfaction of aural necessity.


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