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The Black Dahlia Murder – Miasma

The Motor City kings of speedy death-metal, The Black Dahlia Murder are back with their follow up to their critically acclaimed 2003 release, Unhallowed. Entitled Miasma, we find their visceral and dark brand of death metal is as polished and evil as ever.


After a two year odyssey of incessant touring and a line-up change (founding member, and drummer Cory Grady was replaced by Zach Gibson) the album reflects the chaotic life of five guys, barely 21, playing endless amounts of shows on the road in North America and Europe. Fans need not worry, there are still plenty of Scandinavian inspired, storm-the-castle solos, shocking time changes, pummeling breakdowns and evil imagery, but there’s more of a tougher, street-wise attitude now.

“It’s quite a bit more personal lyrically, ranging from anthems of cheap sex and drug use to more classic Black Dahlia Murder horror style,” says vocalist Trevor Strnad, “I’ve tried to reinvent BDM lyrically here, but it’s still really dark, still really evil shit.”

The appeal of The Black Dahlia Murder’s terror-filled, brutal sound is that it allows you to explore a wide array of extreme and frightening sounds at high speed, but it gives you that rock and roll vibe too, imagining them being emitted from the bowels of dark clubs and manifesting themselves into groupie infested backstage debauchery. Along with a new drummer, capable of more complex arrangements they are a step closer to the apex of death metal.

Like Ponce de Leon searching for the fountain of youth, Michael has yet to discover the famed Amulet of the southwestern fossilized megaladon feces. According to myth, the amulet enables it’s keeper to engulf him or herself in a chain-link like protective field that releases a intoxicating yet paralyzing aroma, reminiscent of raw sewage and antelope blood. This power is revered by cannibalistic people across the milky-way and beyond, and bounty hunters will stop at nothing to wield its glory.


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