Caesars – Paper Tigers

If you found yourself rocking out to the television lately, I’m guessing you weren’t watching American Idol, but rather yet another iPod commercial, which seems be playing better tunes that what you find on your radio dial. It was the Caesars’ “Jerk It Out” that had you wondering, “Who sings this song? I must find […]

Capillary Action – Fragments

Capillary Action’s Fragments is one of the most unique albums I’ve heard in a while. Unique is not necessarily a complimentary adjective. But I get ahead of myself, first, a little background. Capillary Action is Jonathan Pfeffer, and that’s about it. There were musicians who provided guest appearances, as well as recording and mastering technicians […]

Dog Faced Gods – Stoned Council

Hailing from the San Manuel Indian reservation in California, Dog Faced Gods new disc entitled Stoned Council, is more than just a pun its name implies, but a cornucopia of musical influences emanating from four guys who grew up with a different cultural perspective.

Electra-Kill – Death of Venus 292

Electra-Kill scared us before we even heard it. By the cover, we could only assume it to be a southern rock thang, with a bent for gothic whore sex in by-the-night hotel rooms. It took days worth of skeptical delays for us to put in the disc and actually endure what turned out to be […]

Chris Frontier – Balance 007

Short attention span theatre doesn’t survive in a number of club mixes I’ve come across over the years, especially in the trance genre. Since there are so many subgenre variables, the range can take you from enough beats to saunter to the bar to the other extreme of escapism, where you don’t know which way […]

Gizmachi – The Imbuing

Is this some sort of joke? What are these guys trying to prove, that any terrible, aggressive, loud music can be classified as nu-metal, and therefore must be deserving of a record deal? More and more bands whose thinking falls in line with the distorted way of thinking that crap = music, are emerging from […]

The Keep Aways – The Keep Aways

Upon receiving The Keep Aways‘ self-titled debut, I immediately got a mental picture of a sweet-but-sassy Kill Rock Stars-style band, or maybe more like the Donnas, picturing kids playing a schoolyard game of keep-away. After a track or two on the album, though, my mental picture is more akin to a growled warning through bared […]