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Electra-Kill – Death of Venus 292

Electra-Kill scared us before we even heard it. By the cover, we could only assume it to be a southern rock thang, with a bent for gothic whore sex in by-the-night hotel rooms. It took days worth of skeptical delays for us to put in the disc and actually endure what turned out to be a whole different stylistic scenario.


In fact, this is a collaboration between little known French artist Kill X and the American R. S Radio of Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.

Well, of course that explains it all.

From whence these ingredients derive is scarcely the matter. Electra-Kill are an impressive combination of electric rock that voids the decadent genres of their past. With subtle, and less-than-subtle hints of everything from early Lollapalooza (Ministry, Jesus and Mary Chain and Nine Inch Nails) to the contemporary glitter fodder of Fisherspooner, The Death of Venus 292 defies our expectations and all that can be expected of electro-rock.

What matters: it’s dirty and brilliant.


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