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Dog Faced Gods – Stoned Council

Hailing from the San Manuel Indian reservation in California, Dog Faced Gods new disc entitled Stoned Council, is more than just a pun its name implies, but a cornucopia of musical influences emanating from four guys who grew up with a different cultural perspective.


The “stoner rock” tag obviously applies to the record, but there are elements of punk, metal, grunge and even funk and classic rock evident on the record, at times they even use traditional sounds of their Native heritage. With vocal stylings reminiscent of Everlast and guitar chops not unlike early Alice in Chains, hints of many genres can be found.

Unfortunately, many of the genres incorporated have become so watered down because many others have been equally inspired by the same sounds, and at times the passion on the record seems forced and unfocused. Rock clichés are abundant, both musically and lyrically. Add to it a novelty song about marijuana, and it makes for a listen one can become easily distracted from.


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