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Converge – Petitioning the Empty Sky

Converge is an acquired taste. It’s heavy, aggressive and loud. And for those who like that sort of thing, the re-release of Petitioning the Empty Sky, originally released in ’98, comes as a welcomed addition to most up-to-date metalcore collections.


Remixed, remastered, repackaged, and sporting fresh new artwork, this album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Including a bonus track—an alternate version of “Love As Arson”—and an enhanced video for “Forsaken,” it’s one of those albums that once it’s in the CD player, it’s not coming out for at least a month. The jarring and inspirational ups and downs serve as the perfect emotional roller coaster to encapsulate the innovative and poetic style that only Converge can claim.

Although some folks might say that vocalist, Jake Bannon’s howling, screaming voice is difficult to tolerate, at least he’s not trying to sound like anyone he’s not. Converge has always been a group of catalysts, not copycats. If Converge is known for anything, it’s for their influence on today’s metalcore scene. The trained ear can hear hints of their influence in bands like The Bled, Fear Before the March of Flames and Norma Jean. Converge is everywhere. And for now, let’s at least hope they’ve made a home in your ipod.


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