Slipknot – Lamb of God – Shadows Fall – April 20th, 2005 – DU Magness Arena


Imagine it; two thousand sweaty, sardine packed people crouched to their knees, breathing heavy from the 4/20 celebrations earlier in the day, waiting impatiently on Corey’s word to erupt. The beats quicken, the bass growls, the guitar boils. 3…2…1…”Jump” and the insanity begins. For Slipknot‘s next two songs, the floor of the Denver University Magness […]

22-20’s – 22-20’s

The 22-20’s clearly have the blues-lust of many of their white-boy UK predecessors, but tempered in this case with a dose of Detroit-style grit and at times the New York glam of the Velvet Underground. Which of course begs the question: why are the British bands so much better at evoking American sounds than Americans […]

Mark de Clive-Lowe – Tide’s Arising

Ah, it’s springtime once again and gentle breezes, blooming flowers and blue skies take over for Old Man Winter; however, Mother Nature’s beauty is always best complimented by an equally appealing soundtrack. I’m not referring to birds chirping or children playing in the park. Although these are beautiful sounds, the moods I’m leaning towards are […]

Elkland – Golden

I was chatting about music with someone around my age a month or more ago, and once again, got irritated with individuals from my generation. Without naming names, his comment to me was that he didn’t really pay attention to any new music that released beyond 1989 or 1990. I’ve never understood this complete disregard […]