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Chixdiggit! – Pink Razors

Will someone please tell me who the first guy was to sing in that pop-punk voice? You know the one: The nasal, bratty, childlike voice that makes grown men sound like the thirteen-year-old boys that are, after all, their main audience.

You can hear the guys from Chixdiggit! talking on the endless “bonus” interview at the end of the disc (27 minutes? Come on!) and they don’t sound like that normally, even though they are talking about topics left over from high school. Is it wrong of me to wish that some of these bands would just grow up already? It’s come to the point where I can’t even tell them apart anymore, and I think I’m too old for all of them (and I’m not that old).

They’re formulaic: Pick a cutesy topic (“Geocities Kitty”), throw in a harmonized chorus, occasional guitar solos and presto! Insta-record. All of that would be fine, except this band has been in existence for 13 years. Long out of high school, Chixdiggit! would do well to try something new, or risk getting lost in the shuffle of redundant bands. Green Day did it, and look how well it turned out!


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