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Elkland – Golden

I was chatting about music with someone around my age a month or more ago, and once again, got irritated with individuals from my generation. Without naming names, his comment to me was that he didn’t really pay attention to any new music that released beyond 1989 or 1990. I’ve never understood this complete disregard for music and never will, especially from one who is not only a musician but who also considers himself to be a passionate lover of music.


Without completely dating myself, I experienced the new wave era when it was new, dancing to the now classics in the clubs when I was actually old enough to drink. But why would one stop there when there have been even more classics released throughout the ‘90s and into our present day? Why would one want to rob themselves of the pleasurable tunes that followed (not to mention why some poor souls refuse to let go of the dated “fashion don’ts” that the rest of use as Halloween costumes for ‘80s flash back parties)?

So what does this rant have to do with Elkland? Well, oh impatient one, I’ll tell you. I thought of this guy when I listened to their new full-length, which reminded me of the number of future classics that have been released so far in 2005 and how some folks with blinder habits will miss out. The album’s title Golden is aptly named, filled with the fresh and tingling excitement this gal felt when listening to The Cure, Erasure, or the Smiths for the first time some 20+ years ago or so, Wonderstuff and Trashcan Sinatras 10 years after that, or when I first listened to Dogs Die In Hot Cars and Supersystem months ago.

Stepping off the Apart EP, Golden expands Elkand’s repertoire with a flourishing spray of stunning pop-electro beauties, made extra special with sugar on top by vocalist Jon Pierce. From beginning to end, the sunny day rollercoaster ride tickles the tummy, flying high with “hands in the air” abandon, making you want ride again and again. Moments on the merry-go-round are more reflective, as on “Abandon,” “Without You” or “I Never,” with lyrics that often dive deep into the love wading pool. But we forgive those traces of Harlequin Romance when Elkand delivers their Golden and melodic jewels, fully equipped with the ability to turn an otherwise cynical audience into a smiling, mushy bunch of singing fools. One can only hope that 20 years from now, another generation of musicians will cite them as inspiration and keep this wonderful ball of music rolling.


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