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Weerd Science – Friends and Nervous Breakdowns

Weerd ScienceFriends and Nervous Breakdowns
Super Rap Records

I have to admit, a few years ago I was the guy who used to hold heavy debates with friends about how the state of hip-hop was no where as potent, nor half as compelling as it was in the early 90’s. Regurgitated lyrics and cookie-cutter beats were the norm for a while in hip-hop, and it seemed that the art form that had planted the seeds of self expression for many had become stagnant and malnourished by lack of fertile talent.

On the contrary, this musical manure happens to be the best fertilizer for rejuvenating the soil of a new garden of expression. Hip-hop is currently blossoming with ripe talent ready for harvest, and Weerd Science would be the forbidden fruit.


With strong influences ranging from underground hip-hop to indie punk rock, Weerd Science’s debut LP Friends and Nervous Breakdowns was made with a respect for hip-hop that can only be gained through a life long love of the art form and the respect that grows from that love.

Weerd Science is the hip-hop side project featuring Josh Eppard, the drummer of New York hard rockers Coheed And Cambria. However, Weerd Science is more than a side project, but rather a project/group/idea that has been marinating for the last 10 years. Chock full of clever lyrics that might make you squirm, yet will also make you think while enveloping you with beats and rhymes.

Eppard’s slightly raspy voice and rapid-fire delivery is tight, and the edgy beats are on point. Standout tracks include “Blueprint,” a story of a broken action-figure explaining his dramatic experience of being put back together, and “Joshua, They’re Laughing At You,” a reflective song about what happens when you push and bully someone too far.

I am not hailing this album as the saving grace in hip-hop, but rather it is a fine example of how the art form has grown over the years. The themes on this album deal mainly with suburban plight, seen through the eyes of a disillusioned young white male. If you like comedy, real hip-hop and dope beats, this album should be in your collection. Fans of Anticon, Sole, and Atmosphere will definitely welcome the introduction to Weerd Science’s Friends and Nervous Breakdowns.


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