Grayskul – Deadlivers

Can Rhymesayers do no wrong?! Grayskul is the collaboration of old-new-school underground rappers Onry Ozzborn and JFK, palin’ it up with Rob Castro. Together, they form the dynamic trio Reason, Fiddle Back Recluse and Phantom Ghost El-Topo—a.k.a., Grayskul—and they are plotting your destruction.

Januar – The Fall EP

Denver is a very generous breeding ground for bands of all shapes and sizes. Local act Januar knows this very well. Formed in 2002 as a trio, the group still considers themselves to be a “trio” sonically, even though the band is currently made up of two drummers and two guitarists.

Opiate For The Masses – The Spore

Rock music is a boundary that many bands try and face but fail to stand out. Not Opiate For The Masses. With so many different styles, this Arizona based quartet breaks down that wall. The Spore is the band’s first full length, but you get the impression that they’re seasoned artists on their fifth release. […]

Various Artists – Sprout Soundtrack – Record Collection Music


Thomas Campbell, skateboarder and artist, has moved on to film (and surf.) Dogtown and Z-Boys revealed to the world that skateboarding began as earth’s answer to surfing, and thus come the surf films… Campbell currently has work lurking around the “Beautiful Loser” art show, which I had the pleasure of ingesting at San Francisco’s Yerba […]