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Darediablo – Twenty Paces

If Darediablo had a singer, what would he or she sound like? That was the question that kept popping into my head while listening to this instrumental rock trio’s record. Would he sing about love? Sex? Politics? Drugs?


This line of thought leads to other existential questions like, “How does one name a song without words?” and “What the hell is an Apache Chicken, anyway? A recipe or a breed?”

For the record, if I were to try and hire a singer for this band, I’d try and recruit Axl Rose– he could probably use some skilled backup these days. However, Darediablo are doing just fine without a singer–probably even better than they would with one, because then there’s the danger of cheesy lyrics and ego getting in the way. Then again, the danger with purely instrumental bands is that it can seem like self-indulgent wankery–“We don’t need no stinkin’ singer, that would get in the way of our extended guitar solos.” Plus, he might get all the chicks.

Thankfully, Darediablo don’t get boring, with soaring guitars and spacey keyboards, pounding drums, it could at times be called “prog rock” and at times even almost jazz, but why the need for labels? It makes for great driving music, for tapping your fingers on the steering wheel and even headbanging a bit instead of singing along.

But if you ever feel like selling out and cashing in, boys, Axl Rose might be available…


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