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Januar – The Fall EP

Denver is a very generous breeding ground for bands of all shapes and sizes. Local act Januar knows this very well. Formed in 2002 as a trio, the group still considers themselves to be a “trio” sonically, even though the band is currently made up of two drummers and two guitarists.


While both Amy and Jeremy Burbrick provide vocals, they sound eerily similar, intertwining and moving together through intricate harmonies as one. Not only does the married couple share vocal responsibilities, they also share song-writing duties and both play acoustic guitar. These acoustic guitars work as catalysts for such a unique vocal sound, and the drumming patters like a sonic heartbeat.

On their upcoming EP, The Fall, Januar produces a beautiful web of sleepy melodies and bright lullabies. This EP is soothingly atmospheric, quickening the paces at opportune times, but never coming off as pretentious or overwhelming. Opening for national acts like Mirah and Ester Drang and playing with local acts such as Pinkuu and Francophone give credit to the notion that Januar is both versatile and sustaining.

This Friday, March 18th at the Larimer Lounge, Januar will be throwing a CD Release party for this latest EP. Sharing the stage with equally engaging and diverse locals Drop the Fear and The Moths, Januar will be celebrating not only a new recording, but a new year, complete with both percussionists: Katie Aikens on congas and Patty Holland on drums and vocals.


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