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Various Artists – Sprout Soundtrack – Record Collection Music


Thomas Campbell, skateboarder and artist, has moved on to film (and surf.) Dogtown and Z-Boys revealed to the world that skateboarding began as earth’s answer to surfing, and thus come the surf films…

Campbell currently has work lurking around the “Beautiful Loser” art show, which I had the pleasure of ingesting at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts several months ago. It is the largest skate and street art show I have ever witnessed; complete with ramps as installations and sculpture you can walk through.

Thomas was approached some time ago by surfer Joel Tudor about the idea of a surf film, and he was immediately on board with what was titled The Seedling, an acclaimed 16 mm piece. The second coming is Sprout, another surf work that trots the globe from Cali to Morocco to Sri Lanka.

The soundtrack is perfect for surf, including today’s Beach Boys, the Shins, Sam Prekop, and most refreshingly, the work of Campbell’s colleague (skater and artist) Tommy Guerrero who has been more than dabbling in music for some time now, including his previous work with UNKLE’s James Lavelle.

All contributions to this album/film are perfectly lucid, dreamy pieces that pair perfectly with the surf and spray. Not something you will be moshing to, but certainly a chill summer set.


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