Diana Anaid – Beautiful Obscene

Something about this CD reminds me of the early nineties (I won’t tell you how old I was then)–the post-Nirvana days when a ton of girl bands and singer/songwriters came out of the woodwork and made it big. Rock’n’roll enough to be ‘edgy’ but pop enough for the radio. Juliana Hatfield, Lisa Loeb, Letters to […]

Mojo Gurus – Hot Damn

With a name like the Mojo Gurus, a CD called “Hot Damn!”and song titles like “Race With The Devil,” “Raylene” and “Black Cat Blues,” you would probably guess that this is a rockabilly band. You’d be partially right. “Race With The Devil” is a rockabilly song, a twist on the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” […]

Words of Thanks from Suburban Home Records


Words of thanks from Suburban home records From Virgil Dickerson: Running an independent label is more difficult now than ever before. Although we got through this difficult situation, we still need the support from independent music fans to keep releasing new music. If you are curious about any of our releases on Suburban Home or […]

Various Artists – Definitive Jux Presents: III

Definitive Jux 3

Def Jux nails it down again with the comprehensive new compilation, Definitive Jux Presents: III. Hearing comps like these is awesome because they really give you a taste of the talent within the label. This album in particular contains tracks not found on any of their artist’s albums, with the exception of two — an […]