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Immortal Technique – Revolution Vol. 2

Music with a message. This is Immortal Technique, speaking what so many of us have thought in our minds. “If you message ain’t shit/fuck the records you sold/’Cause if you go platinum/It’s got nothin’ to do with luck/It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck.” Ah yes. William Hung fans come to mind as one of many, many, many examples of consumer stupidity.


As a youngster, this inquisitive lad had a thirst for knowledge that he quenched by reading everything he could get his hands on. He saw how ignorant people were around him, and after taking a look at himself, knew he had a lot to learn if he was to become what he knew he could be. Within the well-woven beats and fast finger slipping rhythms of Immortal Technique’s Revolution Vol. 2 are murderous lyrics; a grown man as a mere mortal with a viewpoint of the reality in the midst of media hype and distraction; how our society cares more about the Michael Jackson’s indictment than our government’s manipulation of our present, future and our lives. “This is the point of no return and nobody can stop it…I know too much the government is trying to murder me/how could a serpent be purposely in charge of the country…my people are so hungry they attack without reason/like a fucking dog that bites of the hand that feeds them/Immortal Technique is treason to the Patriot Act/So come and get me motherfucker ‘cause I’m not coming back.”

This is not anti-America; it is anti-hypocrisy, such as our government’s business relationship with Bolivia and Columbia, countries who supply our streets with plenty of cocaine and keep our U.S. legal system and Narcotic Feds busy and in business, or Pro-Life’ers who support the death penalty. Revolutionary Vol. 2 exposes not only the B.S. in our social and political society, but within the hip-hop community itself, including the music industry and promoters that take advantage of underground hip-hop artists. Like back in the day when ICE-Cube raised a few skirts in the political circle, I.T. is bent on pissing off more than a few people who can’t handle the truth.


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