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Diana Anaid – Beautiful Obscene

Something about this CD reminds me of the early nineties (I won’t tell you how old I was then)–the post-Nirvana days when a ton of girl bands and singer/songwriters came out of the woodwork and made it big. Rock’n’roll enough to be ‘edgy’ but pop enough for the radio. Juliana Hatfield, Lisa Loeb, Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt: if those names strike a chord with you, you’ll like this CD.


Australian Diana Anaid didn’t come out of the Mickey Mouse club mold so popular these days, and she actually writes her own material. There are guitar licks straight off of an Ani DiFranco album, and a breathy-tough voice that sounds more honest than most of today’s pop-rock.

With a little luck and the right connections, Diana might just make it big in the States. According to her bio, she’s already a big star in Australia, so maybe she’ll have the same luck over here. Then again, she might just not be overproduced enough to make it here.


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