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Various Artists – Definitive Jux Presents: III

Definitive Jux 3

Def Jux nails it down again with the comprehensive new compilation, Definitive Jux Presents: III. Hearing comps like these is awesome because they really give you a taste of the talent within the label. This album in particular contains tracks not found on any of their artist’s albums, with the exception of two — an El-P remix for crew newcomers Hangar 18 on “Beatslope”, and a straight-ahead remix by paWL for Aesop Rock’s hit “No Jumper Cables” (from 2004’s Bazooka Tooth).

To top things off, all the MC’s on this label produce their own music, which is something that really comes to light in this album through dope tracks such as Aesop’s “All n All” and “Weathermen Radio”, featuring Camu Tao of S.A. Smash and Definitive label founder and CEO, El-P. Murs, originally coming from the independent crew Living Legends, turns his back on all MC’s who waste time frontin’ and BSsin’ on the slow roller “You’re Dead To Me”, leaving them to be dissected by The Perceptionists, aka Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, on the funky, mob doctor-ish “Medical Aid”.

The new guys on the label are definitely holding their own. Rob Sonic busts out on “Dysexlia”, 4th Pyramid blows smoke on the stony “Aquatic”, and “Devil in the Hole” rivets S.A. Smash to their position in Def Jux, adding permanence through skilled displays. RJD2 wraps up the CD, adding his esoteric flavor with the track “Clean Living”, a soulful, mellow mover rolling back the cover to reveal the diversity in taste that is Def Jux. The DVD was an extra treat, something that the heads at Definitive are starting to throw in more and more. There are videos from El-P, Aesop Rock, and Mr. Lif, and with the exception of the video for “Deep Space 9mm” being censored (I don’t get it – none of the other videos were), they are all great visual representations of the songs they were made for.

So if you want to be one of the cool kids, go pick this CD up soon – comps like these don’t stick around forever, and even if they did, the music is worth picking up and listening to now. Give your support to these guys; you’ll be glad you did.


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