Black Black Ocean – Operacion

Back when the Strokes and the White Stripes came into the mainstream via commercial radio, Rolling Stone, and MTV, you kept hearing this tirade, “Rock is Back.” Well, maybe for those nimwits who only look up from their couch to get a scope of the music scene, this may be true. But for the rest […]

NHOI – Limited Edition

If you aren’t yet familiar with what four lads from Southern California can do with heavy guitars, rapid drum beats, harmonies and lyrics about girls, then NOHI’s latest disc, Limited Edition, will serve as good of an introduction as any. But what the boys lack in key differentiating qualities, they make up for in their […]

NOFX – Regaining Consciousness (EP)

Watching bands like NOFX, Bad Religion and Rancid evolve has increasingly become a painful affair. Hell bent on uber-classification, we’ve put Bad Religion at the head of the class as the history professor, NOFX as the class clown, and Rancid nowhere near school, but on the streets representing original punk grit. It has played itself […]

Spring Bling

spring bling–Steven Salazar, Designer, Confident Clothing Okay fashionistas, it is time to start searching for this spring’s bling bling; what will you and your friends be wearing? Here are a few hints to help you out. Blushing Babes Pink is in! In fact pink is so in that pink is the new pink! There are […]