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Spring Bling

spring bling
–Steven Salazar, Designer, Confident Clothing

Okay fashionistas, it is time to start searching for this spring’s bling bling; what will you and your friends be wearing? Here are a few hints to help you out.

Blushing Babes

Pink is in! In fact pink is so in that pink is the new pink! There are pink pinks, hot pinks, cotton candy pinks, and even mauvy pinks. From Anne Klein to Zack Posen, no matter what direction designers took with their collection, there was a sampling of pink to be found. It would be wise and do your wardrobe some good to get some pink if you don’t already own some. May I advise? Wear a clear super glossy lip gloss like Mac Cosmetics’ Lip Glass, take a good look in the mirror and buy something pink that either matches or compliments your lip tone. Apply blush that is a few shades lighter than your skin on the apples of your cheeks. Wear a complimentary shade of pink or light mauve eye shadow with a highlight on the brow bone. Apply an adequate amount of mascara and GLOW! Who’s getting the free drinks now, baby?

Color Me Perfect

Along with pink, there are many great Pucci inspired looks this spring that use an array of bright colors in one psychedelic print. Versace introduced a collection that dances on the fine line of perfection and over doing it. For an updated mod look, take up one of these prints and compliment it with a pair of white Blahnik style stilettos.

De-Nile: the river expands. . .

The phrase, denial is not just a river in Egypt could not be any more true for the fashion industry at this moment. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the economical and political unrest not only within our own nation, but around the planet as well. It seems as though fashion is ignoring much of the goings on and living up glamour and life. I find it inspiring to follow this lead. Yes, we do have so much to think about and consider during this time, however, there is nothing better than to escape in a little fantasy, when appropriate. Accomplish this through what you wear. Remember, you are what you wear, so never stop being who you are!

Item of the Week

Please visit to get details on this week’s item of the week, unfortunately, I was unable to download a picture from their website. At any rate, the item of the week is the Monogram Multicolore Mule. Words do not exist to express how much I love the new Monogram Multicolore. Please check out the entire collection!

-Steven Salarazar – Designer, Confident Clothing


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