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Stereotyperider – Same Chords. Same Songs. Same Six Strings.


Fans of Hot Snakes, Hot Water Music and any incarnation of At The Drive In won’t have to travel far to find a special place in their hearts for Stereotyperider. Which is not to say the Arizona quartet fits neatly into any emo-laced, driven-by-distortion niche. In fact, like the aforementioned bands, what makes Stereotyperider a viable candidate for your CD collection is its subtle bits of proprietary inventiveness and ability to further a familiar sound.

In business, you’re successful by doing something better than the rest or something that’s never been done. With Same Chords. Same Songs. Same Six Strings, Stereotyperider makes its case on both fronts, offering a fresh perspective on today’s increasingly visible melodic aggression vibe. Assembled with all the elements of romantic angst you know and love, Same Chords … is a complete work that avoids the ambivalence and sound tinkering found in some debut albums.

Although deserving of a bigger sound, the disc provides listeners with a satisfactory showcase of Stereotyperider’s identity, if not a clear indication of the group’s live capabilities. Should the band go on to eventual fame and fortune, Same Chords … could easily find itself among those rare seminal albums that become a classic. Yes, it’s that good. Fresh off a SXSW appearance, Stereotyperider is ready to sweep across the nation again opening for Bigwig. No doubt, this ticket will be worth the money.


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