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NHOI – Limited Edition

If you aren’t yet familiar with what four lads from Southern California can do with heavy guitars, rapid drum beats, harmonies and lyrics about girls, then NOHI’s latest disc, Limited Edition, will serve as good of an introduction as any. But what the boys lack in key differentiating qualities, they make up for in their revival of pure DIY entrepreneurial ethic.

Going above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from the spoiled Orange County/Riverside punk scene, NOHI (Never Heard of It) waits for nothing and relies on no one to get its due. The members have financed and produced three albums and booked four U.S. tours without any outside help. They’ve sold their albums in the malls, at gas stations, in traffic, and even inside the sacred gates of both Disneyland and Disneyworld.


In total, they’ve moved 17,000 units until a recent nationwide distribution deal increased that number by 4,000. With the music industry continuing to push the boundaries of its dictatorial regime, the world could certainly benefit from more bands rewriting the rules.

NOHI cites break-ups, carne asada burritos and relationships among their sources of inspiration. Combine these with its SoCal roots and you get a pretty clear idea of the band’s sound. If you’re among the millions that have taken to Blink 182, Sum 41 and Riddlin’ Kids, then Limited Edition won’t disappoint. It’s got oohs and ahhs in all the right places.


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