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The Adored – The Adored (EP)

Welcome to the party! The Lipgloss and Popscene king-sters The Adored are in the building. Loosen your black ties and jump on the dance platform ‘cause it’s time to swing that skinny ass of yours. Heck, there’s no need for white lines in the bathroom to keep you going, I like totally swear.


Kick down a dirty ska beat with H.R. Pufinstuff on “Chemistry,” tackle Jonny Lydon in the alley to “She’s a Boy,” and plow the “whoo!” girls with a fireman’s hose all the way down Market Street when “Sex Is In Fashion” makes it’s debut.

It was Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks that was a big enough fan of the band that he lend his vocal talent and time to singing backup on this debut EP on V2. Add to their cred opening gigs with the likes of Ima Robot, Bow Wow Wow (wow..they’re still going?), and The Futureheads, and tend to foresee a spunky iPod commercial spot in their future.


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