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Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Parth Three, Milan Edition


Fashion Weak, Fashion Bleak: Part three, Milan Edition
–Steven Salazar, Designer, Confident Clothing

The itch to repeat history is quite contagious as it finds its way across the Atlantic! If you have been keeping up you realized my reluctant reprieve of New York’s shows which seemed to be slathered with the reincarnation of silhouettes past. Shirley MacLaine take note: the second time around may not be better than the first!

D’Italia, dulltalia

Emporio Armani was shocking in its overuse of the past. There was not one thing that sparked any interest or felt new and alive. Interestingly enough, the same rang true for Giorgio Armani. Both collections felt as though Mr. Armani was left out in the cold while old collections were reproduced.

There was something very interesting going on the Versace runway. Like the rest of the fashion world, I was deeply sorrowed when Gianni Versace was reported shot dead in his Miami mansion. Up until that moment, Versace dominated the fashion industry. When Mr. Versace’s sister, Donatella Versace, was christened high queen of Versace, I was deeply concerned. Ms. Versace, at that point, was Creative Director of V2, Versace’s bridge line. V2 was about creating a whole lot of nothing! I was never excited about anything that debuted under the V2 label.

While Ms. Versace has been Creative Director of Versace, she has had quite many moments of glory. However, this latest collection left me quite bewildered. If you look closely at the collection, it is nothing new at all. Nearly everything produced has been seen in one form or another. What is the key change? In one word, it is color. Instead of using bright, eye-catching color, Ms Versace used neutral tones. There was a bit of red and a tint of blue, but other than that, it is the same shit, different color. However in this case, it may be the lack thereof!

No Bravissimo

Ever since the demise of the Versace label, Prada, has positioned itself beautifully as the crown jewel of fashion. It has been quite well known that many fashion forecasters make no mention of potential upcoming trends until after the Prada show. This collection, however, left me wondering how much longer that will last. Ms. Prada used 1940s and 1950s silhouettes, art nouveau prints in cobalt blue or chartreuse. The collection was filled with brown.

Tom Ford, the brainchild behind Gucci and Yves Saint Laurant, is beginning to develop a trend all his own. Ever since his reign over the YSL label, I have noticed a most unusual practice. It seems as though Mr. Ford is using the YSL label to launch very cutting edge clothing, then depending on the success, he scales the clothing down, does some simplification and slaps a Gucci label onto it. It is like taking a fiery bubbly champagne and turning it into a dry dull Chianti.

(As a side note: if you have not been doing your research, you would not know that nearly the entire fashion industry is owned by three different corporations: The Gucci Group, Chanel Inc. and LVMH. Early last year the Gucci Group picked up Alexander McQueen. Take note of Mr. McQueen’s collections just after the acquisition. It is almost as though Mr. Ford designed the lines himself.)

Also from Gucci was a dress that was highly reminiscent of Tina Turner’s “I Don’t Need Another Hero” costume from Mad Max.


Pucci by Christian LaCroix was sublime. In addition to its fluid prints, this time it was done mainly in lime, hot pink and black, with enticing, less liquid, more hard edged geometric shapes done in white, red, silver and black. The silhouettes were very plain, but the prints more than made up for it.

Karl Lagerfeld always presents much excitement, especially through the world of Fendi. Mr. Lagerfeld used high-standing collars, so much leather cattle herders may rejoice, boots galore (below the knee and mid thigh), and tidbits of space age reminiscent of Galaxy Quest costumes.

How I love Roberto Cavalli. I love the way he marches to his own beat. He is always fresh and exciting while remaining unmistakably Roberto Cavalli. Mr. Cavalli used some electric cobalt blue fur to create the sauciest of jackets. His body hugging silhouettes done in curve accentuating patterns and prints made even this gay man’s loins quiver! One word: Superstar!

Stay Tuned

I do thank you all for reading Beauty Buzz. Please do stay tuned for next week. It will be the Paris Fashion Week Extravaganza!! I am already compiling the list of designers to be reported upon!


PiaggioNew Products

This week’s new product highlight is Piaggio. No disrespect to our beloved Vespas, but I do believe Piaggio has been left a little in the dark for no good reason. Their designs are undoubtedly Italian and would make even the hottest porn star’s loins ablaze! This is their new model the BV200 (honey, I know it is a motor scooter, but think of it as the ultimate between-the-leg accessory). Now I am no expert on performance, so how this performs on the road in comparison to the line of Vespas, I am unsure. One thing I am quite sure of is, it performs exceptionally well to the eyes! I love its super sleek curves with just the right amount of edge to give it a look that could capture the attention of James Bond! For more information and to locate a dealer near you, please visit


-Steven Salarazar – Designer, Confident Clothing


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