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Stereotyperider – Prolonging the Inevitable


In comparison to its debut full-length Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings, Stereotyperider’s sophomore LP takes the best of the past and goes above and beyond, thanks in part to stronger production and the introduction of a few creative elements. Few bands of Stereotyperider’s ilk would dare introduce a moog into the mix, but that’s exactly what the group has done so flawlessly with “You’re Not Safe With Us”.

No surprises though, as the boys have become masters of blending vintage Faith No More melodies with anti-pop harmonies and explosive rhythmic rants akin to Sparta. What’s more, they are unafraid to push the boundaries of aggressive punk so as to transcend the not-so-flattering trappings of emo.

Perhaps most compelling with Prolonging The Inevitable is it relies on a model of giving each band member an equal role in the songs. With some acts, it’s quite apparent that vocals or guitars dominate and carry the songs. Yet from start to finish, Stereotyperider’s latest batch of tunes calls upon the strengths of its members in proportional measures, producing a solid effort that can be truly classified as a team effort.

Songs that best speak the Stereotyperider mind include “Unacceptable”, “By Today’s Standards, Old and Jaded” and the seemingly Rush-inspired “Worthless”.


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