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Suburban Home Gets Ready to Turn 10

Suburban Home

Suburban Home Gets Ready To Turn 10

“We recently read an article about the current value of music in today’s culture,” states Virgil Dickerson, founder and owner of local label and distributor, Suburban Home Records. It is his job to stay on top of not only the music business but how music meets technology.

“You know, considering things like iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster, where you can get a subscription/membership to purchase songs and albums, it makes it tough to place a value on music because there are many different ways to place value,” he said.

As a result, Suburban Home has decided to drop all of the prices of their releases to $5.00 plus shipping. Virgil asks readers and shoppers to use the net to check out releases from record labels Asian Man and No Idea “who have their releases for super cheap not necessarily to make a ton of money but to allow everyone to enjoy music at a reasonable price and have the artwork and liner notes as well.”

For some reason, eBay kicked them off the site two weeks ago. In an effort to support their customers that have posted a coupon on their website,, that offers a 10% off of purchase on a one time only basis.

In September the Denver label celebrates their 10th anniversary, securing the label of the month slot for the October issue of Alternative Press magazine. They have also posted the July edition of the Suburban Home Mixtape that is loaded with sweet tracks for the next 30 days.

Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition Launches Soundcheck eNewsletter, Articles, and New Film Series

John Campbell is not only very well known in the local hip-hop community, he’s also known by the community as a whole, contributing his time and passion to improving the lives of our youth and bringing people together for a greater good.

Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition is his baby, an umbrella non-profit organization that has held a number of events that bring music and artists together for a cause, along with the hip-hop oriented programs he runs with our local high schools.

This month things are revving up again for CHHC with the launch of their monthly enewsletter that feature an article on Black Pegasus, along with announcements that include their new Hip-Hop Flix Film Series that starts this Saturday, July 23 at Blackberries Ice Cream & Lounge, a speaking engagement from Jeff Campbell on the Grassroots Transformation of Hip-Hop on Wednesday, July 27at DU’s Iliff School of Theology, and his weekly Wednesday show on Channel 58, which showcases artists and activists in the Rocky Mountain Region, airing from 7:30pm to 8pm.

For more information on these and other upcoming events, or to sign up for their enewsletter, go to

Feature Article: Black Pegasus: Cutting Through The Dark
By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
Black Pegasus said that he’s been hustling hip-hop since 1999. Now at 25 years old, the emcee from Colorado Springs is seeing some of his hustle start to pay off. Already in 2005, his schedule of shows has gone up considerably opening up for such as Lil Jon, Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dogg, Tech N9ne, and Tha Pharcyde. In three months he’s already sold 1500 copies of his debut album, Knuckle Up, and plans to sell more as he prepares for a southwestern U.S. tour this summer.

To read the rest of the article:



Bauhaus Is Getting the Band Back Together – Yes, the announcement sounds a bit cliché but it is true. Coming off of his solo tour that ends Friday at Manchester Academy, Peter Murphy is in the process bringing the members of Bauhaus together, which actually began about a year ago. Their next steps is recording and touring, starting with a tour in the UK and moving on to an international tour and album release.

Mark Almond Still in Recovery From a Near Death Experience – Mark Almond, former lead singer for the infamous 80s cult band, Soft Cell, came close to death after a motocycle accident last year. He has been in recovery ever since and was scheduled to get back on the horse this Friday with a performance in London. The gig was cancelled with a statement that the singer/artist is not quite well enough to take the stage and needs more time to mend.

Spiritualized Lead Singer Jason Pierce Also on the Mend – The frontman has been in recovering from an illness so serious it nearly took his life in the past two weeks. No one is saying exactly what he is sick from but the band’s website states that he is coming around. The band has completed a new Spiritualized album but to date, the release date is not yet know.

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