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Laymen Terms – 3 Weeks In

Laymen Terms - 3 Weeks In

It’s been over a year and a half since I first interviewed the rock band from Colorado Springs, Laymen Terms. I was impressed then, and I’m even more so now that I’m hearing the single, “3 Weeks In” off their upcoming Suburban Home Records debut scheduled to be released in the Spring.

Right off the bat, one can tell that they not only have evolved as musicians and as a band, they’ve become a group that mastered the big sound – that epic song at the end of the show that throws you over the edge into contentment. But rather than saving the best for last, they seem to run a full throttle during the entire race.

The single “3 Weeks In” lulls you along in the beginning with sparkling, champagne riffs and Andrew Tanner’s buttery vocals, then the gear shift flips into 5th as layers of harmonies, echoed samples and a collision of drums and guitar reveal a darker side from the rich curtains.

LT’s rendition of the Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is on just a grand a scale, while they fine tune and strip down one of their better known tracks from Since Last December, “Tired Minds”, showcasing stunning guitar finesse.

At Rock Island this Friday, Laymen Terms will more than likely be playing new material from the upcoming release –- kind of a 3 week sin foreplay party – at the second “Bands You Need To Know” showcase by Soda Jerk along with Drag The River, Love Me Destroyer and Cost of Living. They also play two shows with The Jealous Sound — Tuesday, February 24 at 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs, and Wednesday, February 25 at Rock Island in Denver.

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