VCR – VCRSideOneDummy It’s 1979 and these wacky kids from Georgia are getting set to come on stage. Rumor is this B-52 outfit wears 50s bee-hive hair do’s and sings about moons, planets and lobsters.

Bedouin Soundclash – Sounding a Mosaic

When thinking about reggae, classic icons come to mind like Bob Marley, UB40, and Burning Spear. They have become the pop artists of the genre and have inspired generations. Through their contribution distant cousins to this genre were spawned, such as Sublime, who came into existence after reggae icons forged a path. However, that influence […]

Go Betty Go – Worst Enemy

Go Betty Go

When it comes to judging a band’s artistic merit, any self-respecting music aficionado who’s even the least bit discriminating has little difficulty separating the generic, retread chaff from the innovative and substantive wheat. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of artists fall smack dab in the middle—somewhere between the distant boundaries of “I Wanna Sex You Up” […]