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Various Artists – Warped Tour 2003 Compilations – SideOneDummy

Warped Tour 2003

Quick – name five bands that are playing at this year’s Warped tour. Chances are you can take a shot in the dark and get at least four, as each year seems to bring out a number of the usual suspects. Yes, Rancid will be there; Less Than Jake too. NOFX will play a few shows as well (alas, not in Denver).

So, if the formula has become, well, formulaic, then why do we continually flock to this annual punkapalooza? Uhh, why not? What else are you going to do?

No longer residing in B.F. Brighton, this year’s Warped will make Invesco Field its home (if only lightrail went to Red Rocks). Highlights for the main stages include Irish punk rockers Dropkick Murphys, suddenly dark and dreary AFI, breakdown specialists Poison the Well, and Kelly Osbourne’s favorite punk act The Used. Andrew W.K., Suicide Machines, Face to Face and The Ataris will also find the primetime spotlight.

No word yet on whether Taking Back Sunday has terminated its self-imposed hiatus (rumor has it that the singer cheated on his girlfriend, who happens to be the sister of the band’s guitarist … not good).

If those acts aren’t enough, then don’t forget to make your way to one of the corporate-sponsored side stages, where the Mad Caddies, among others, will rock it. Oh, and in case you forgot, there will be a few guys on bikes and skateboards hucking themselves into the air on a halfpipe.

If you can’t make the show, then get the compilation CD to hear all of these bands (and some who won’t be there). You won’t be able to hear the skaters or BMXers on this double-CD, but you forgot they were a part of the tour anyway.


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