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It’s 1979 and these wacky kids from Georgia are getting set to come on stage. Rumor is this B-52 outfit wears 50s bee-hive hair do’s and sings about moons, planets and lobsters.


But first, there’s this opening band that’s dubbed after the coolest technology invention since Pong, VCR. I’m so stoked, ‘cause we’re the first on the block to get one after my dad shelled out some $700 for it. Now we can tape Dynasty!

I’m very excited ‘cause it’s a school night and I’m supposed to be at Suzy’s studying for my SATs. Instead I’ve got a Kahlua and Cream with my fake ID that’s spilling on my new Famolares shoes, ‘cause I just can’t stop moving to this VCR band! Who are they? I can’t believe how much my musical taste has changed in just six months of my junior year. I still like Aerosmith and stuff, but this spacey punk rock has turned up the dial of musical love life. It’s just so raw and primal, all I want to do is jump and shout and kiss my girlfriend. Is this wrong?


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