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Echo 3 – Self-Titled

Somewhere between the blurry lines of indie rock, power pop and modern-day punk, you’ll find the Dubuque, Iowa trio Echo 3. Combining the essential mix of raw energy, catchy melodies and radiant harmonies, Echo 3 has produced a sound worthy of attention. So what makes this band any different from others in the genre? While it’s tough to pinpoint Echo 3’s appeal, certainly its internal chemistry, lo-fi vibe and the presence of female bassist/vocalist JR give the band’s music a unique shine.


While I don’t advocate MTV’s “making the band” model, the cable music channel would do well to pay attention to these three before the pop-punk wave finally crashes on its pointy little head. Without question, Echo 3 has the ingredients necessary to become superstars in today’s “add water and stir” music industry – radio-friendly tunes, marketable members and a female musician who adds a much-needed dimension to the group.

Calling JR out is not intended to be sexist. After all, she’s one of the band’s primary strengths (although guitarist/vocalist Drew and drummer/vocalist Kurt aren’t chopped liver either). But the point here is a trio of all males won’t ever be as marketable as a trio with at least one female member. Record companies are forever trying to appeal to both male and female audiences, and this mix does the trick for them.

And if TRL isn’t next on Echo 3’s list, then at least they have a solid set of tunes and a modest base of fans of which to be proud. The band’s self-titled debut is a clear winner that showcases a homogenous mix of the band’s influences, which include The Pixies, Green Day and Metallica. Plus, they like Star Wars and The Simpsons, so what more can you ask for?


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