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Accumen1 – Self-Titled

Soul, art, education, prolific poetry and deep grooves provide the skeletal structure for Accumen1’s self-titled debut on their Overstand label, created with other hip-hop leaders in Colorado Springs, FOS. They speak of community and having a positive purpose in life, with droppin’ beats that simmer and flow from reggae to hip-hop, R&B and soul. Elements of piano, horns, and jazz percussion infuse an urban level of sophistication, making for a quenching musical martini.


“Make Something Happen, ” portrays the soundtrack for today’s world, for people in every town and big city, while “They all Know,” featuring the golden harmony of Ensyght, states their personal belief system, and “Dire State” testifies out to the children, their family and friends. The amazing vocals of Mishell Ivon adds a sexy, sultry essence to Accumen1’s smooth style, especially on “Mon Amour,” a perfect song of seduction.

Whatever mood you may be in, tired or angry, the seltzer effect of Accumen1 will cure your ill. These musical entrepreneurs will leave you loose, feeling the groove with heavy vibe of positive, intelligent hip-hop for any generation.


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