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The Music – Self Titled

You open the doors to the premier party for the latest Austin Powers movie bringing all the power decades together – the ‘60s up through the millennium – in culmination of rock, art, sex and pop culture, and the stars of the party and centerpiece to the soundtrack is The Music.

Never before have I heard anyone come close to the distinctive vocals style, that up until now, been exclusive to Perry Ferrell. But at the age of 19, The Music’s lead vocalist Robert Harvey and the rest of the young group (the oldest in 21) have the talent and makings to experience the same type of recognition and longevity of mega bands Jane’s Addiction and Led Zeppelin.


Heavy reverbs rumble as the spotlight shines on Harvey, his soaring voice taking off as stratospheric rock rhythms fill the room on “Dance”. They transcend into “Turn Out the Light” with an epic build of a ‘70s rock anthem that slides back down to a melodic pulse; “The People” intros with a Shaft-like beat as electronic lasers slice through their massive sound. The girls and guys shake uncontrollably, amassing themselves on the dance floor as “Disco” spins, jives, rocks and rumbles in mass hysteria of pure rock frenzy. Then things come to a complete climax as “Too High” pounds out a fiery ball of drums, guitars and effects to throw us all over the edge.

This is what music is supposed to be, tapping into and ripping at every fiber of your body and soul, making you do things that you wouldn’t normally do without a few shot of Jager and party favors. Track by track, vocal wale by every tight rhythmic riff, you can’t keep from hitting repeat, and with each listen you’ll build a greater appreciation for the skills of these young Leeds lads. Because of their layered song structures, there’s always something you discover that you may have missed before, like watching an intense mystery movie.

Even though The Music just released their Capitol Records debut this year, I can’t wait for the sequel. If there’s a music god in the sky, I can only pray that the scene will embrace them with the type of recognition and adulation they deserve.

If you missed out on their complete live performance, as I did, when they opened for the Vines (one of the band members had a personal emergency and had to leave the tour), were bummed when they cancelled the next gig, wipe away your tears. They’ll be here in August 13 as part of the Lollapalooza Tour, sharing the stage with one of the mega bands that made a huge impact on ‘90s rock, Jane’s Addiction. How cool would it be for Mr. Ferrell to bring Mr. Harvey on stage for a little vocal duo action?


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