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The Perishers – Let There Be Morning

It’s still warm and active outside, but before you know it, the days will shorten and become colder, causing most of us to nest inside. It’s the chilling elements of the outside that seemed to be the internal influence of The Perisher’s Let There Be Morning, having lived and written the album from their hometown in Umeå, a small, snowcapped town in the country of Sweden.

When life is going 100 mph and you don’t have time for your breathing exercises or a bit of yoga in traffic isn’t quite practical, pop in Let There Be Morning and feel the soothing liquid run down your back as “Let There Be Weekends” sings your song of escapism.

Letting go the pretense of knowing they already have had a track running on the O.C., Postal Service and Radiohead fans would be inclined to the heavenly soundscapes of “Sway” or “My Heart,” which provide the perfect backdrop to romantic scene of twists between the sheets. “Still Here” brings visions of the pining ex-lover, staring out the window as the snow falls, remembering how things once were, but then there’s “Pills” that seems to cross the line on sappy with a man/woman duo that for whatever reason, reminds me of the Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb collaboration a few decades ago.

After taking in Let There Be Morning numerous times, The Parishers are expected to throw one of the “feel good” shows of the year, opening for Tracy Bonham at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday, September 14.


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