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Sarah McLachlan – Bloom Remix Album

There are many a Sarah McLachlan fan who have attended the Lilith Fair or who see the soloist perform in the large venues that have no idea of her another side. For years a number of DJs and producers, including BT and Delirium, have worked with her as the light in their trance, house, and breakbeat tunnel. When mixed with chunky beats and funky breaks, Sarah is transformed from a singer/songwriter to a club diva.

This tradition continues with the remixes of Bloom, featuring some of the best from the electronic music world, along with an unexpected appearance from of Black Eyed Peas.

Junkie XL, the man known as just XL for his remake of the Elvis hit “A Little Less Conversation” pulls the ship into the bay with his GM edit of “World On Fire” and a boat load of rumbling tribal sticks and bouncing stones. In true lounge fashion, “Dirty Little Secrets” slithers along as Thievery Corporation slowly pulls the silk robe open and to the floor. Sly & Robbie keep the downtempo going, but with the richness of molasses on “Train Wreck.”

Where Sarah breaks away is on the collaboration with using the “Cats in the Cradle” chorus, and crossing over into a modern day tale on “Just Like Me,” complete with his MC skills and her indelible harmonies.

God only knows how many 12” remixes and collaborations Sarah has done in her career’s lifetime, let alone the other full-length album releases. But it’s good to know that her creative belt continues to stretch far beyond the shelves of soccer moms and appearances on Ellen.


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