Top 5 of 2005 – Fil Snyder

Fil Snyder – Bartender – La Rhumba/Lipgloss, BlueBird/Ogden 1. Bloc Party “Banquet, Remixed”A great debut album made even better 2. Ladytron “Witching Hour”A great album by a band that keeps getting better and that will be remembered longer than the scene that spawned it. 3. The Dukes of Nothing “War and Wine”Pure Motorhead-esque, balls to […]

Lipgloss Kisses Southpark Good-bye


Lipgloss Kisses Southpark Good-bye This Friday will mark the first Lipgloss to take place in their new digs – the renovated and remodeled La Rumba on 9th and Broadway, the spot for another brit-pop, soul, and retro rock night, Revolver. Good thing too, since the roof was not necessarily on fire last Friday at Southpark, […]