Various Artists – David Waxman Presents: Ultra Electro

Various Artists – David Waxman Presents: Ultra ElectroUltra RecordsElectro seems to be taking the world by storm right now in the ever-changing dance community. Capitalizing on the popularity of today’s modern electro sound, Ultra Records releases Ultra Electro mixed by David Waxman. Ultra Records, known for its excellent mix series’ (Ultra Dance, Ultra Chilled, Ultra […]

Top 5 of 2005 – Fil Snyder

Fil Snyder – Bartender – La Rhumba/Lipgloss, BlueBird/Ogden 1. Bloc Party “Banquet, Remixed”A great debut album made even better 2. Ladytron “Witching Hour”A great album by a band that keeps getting better and that will be remembered longer than the scene that spawned it. 3. The Dukes of Nothing “War and Wine”Pure Motorhead-esque, balls to […]

Ladytron – Witching Hour

One thing is clear about Ladytron’s brand of snyth-pop; it’s hauntingly addicting. At times warm and sexy, other times cool and detached and almost always dark and dreamy. Ladytron established this sound with their first two releases 604 and Light & Magic and continue with their third release Witching Hour. Only this album is different.