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Top 5 of 2005 – Fil Snyder

Fil Snyder – Bartender – La Rhumba/Lipgloss, BlueBird/Ogden

1. Bloc Party “Banquet, Remixed”
A great debut album made even better

2. Ladytron “Witching Hour”
A great album by a band that keeps getting better and that will be remembered longer than the scene that spawned it.

3. The Dukes of Nothing “War and Wine”
Pure Motorhead-esque, balls to the wall, bone crushing, “the knob goes to 11″,” because it’s one louder” Rock and Roll.

4. Seu George “The Life Aquatic Sessions”
Hard to find full length of Bowie covers.

5. “Lords of Dogtown” soundtrack
Better than the movie and even better than the first “Dogtown” soundtrack. This is the stadium rock that the Sex Pistols, The Clash, etc…were rebelling against, which kind of shows how truly revolutionary punk was ’cause this is some rockin’ shit from Bowie and T.Rex to Sabbath and Nazareth, great tunes for an O.K. movie. May I recommend playing the original documentary with the sound off while listening to this and the “Dogtown:Legend of Z-Boys” soundtrack instead.


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