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Lipgloss Kisses Southpark Good-bye


Lipgloss Kisses Southpark Good-bye This Friday will mark the first Lipgloss to take place in their new digs – the renovated and remodeled La Rumba on 9th and Broadway, the spot for another brit-pop, soul, and retro rock night, Revolver. Good thing too, since the roof was not necessarily on fire last Friday at Southpark, but it was collapsing.

According to their email announcement, “We have heard from many that the atmosphere at the Southpark Tavern was not necessarily to their liking, and we are MORE than confident that the atmosphere at La Rumba will be one that will impress.”

To help to get people adjusted to driving north on Lincoln, DJ hosts Tyler and Michael will offer VIP cards to the first 100 people to come out to the first night, April 2. The card will get you free admission every Friday night (except for special events, which it will allow a discount for), first drink is free, and the o-so-special VIP entrance if there’s a line.

Lipgloss is a weekly dance night, now at La Rumba (99 W. 9th Ave, one block West of Broadway on 9th Ave., 303-572-8006), $5 cover after 10pm $2 Wells and Red Hooks all night long,


After the recent review of Kronow’s Deserve Damnation, we received a few emails that had a different opinion from that of our reviewer, Arlo White. Here’s what they had to say:

To the person who wrote the Kronow review:

I think that you are a poor judge of character! Kronow has a sound like no other band out there. They are not boring in any way. They DO NOT sound like Korn at all. The singer has a deep-down growl and a smooth melodic tone, that Fred Durst wish he had. The music is brutal and melodic at the same time. “All I See” is among the mellower songs, but it still has a catchy groove. “Sorrow’s Whore” and “Justify” are as brutal as they come. “Can’t Stop Me” has a lot of beats to bang your head to. The first album was really good, but this one shows a great improvement in the band members and the sound that they play.
Devoted Fan,
Evil B.

The vocals and the music on Kronow’s CD, Deserve Damnation, make the hair on my arms stand up. I get chills down my spine every time I play their CD and believe me the CD is in my CD player in my car all the time. James Brennan has the strongest set of lungs of any singer I have ever heard. Hearing this band play live shows is even more intense. I love the soft melodic singing to the changes of the bone crushing, heart throbbing screams. After listening to Sorrrow’s Whore, then comes All I see which is a time for you to take a breath, then on to Justify, and Can’t Stop me and the adrenaline rush comes again. All their songs tell a story, and not every song sounds the same. It’s nice to listen to a Heavy Metal band and be able to actually hear the lyrics.
-Rhonda Rinke

Hail JIM – Hey, after reading you review on Kronow i would like to know more. I’m a fan of them and although I respect your criticism i would just like to know exactly what you heard that was so bad. James can sing a lot better than some others that think they can. Please respond I’m interested to know more.
-Miguel Huerta, Froggy Entertainment

Kronow finalized their drummer auditions last weekend when they played Bottoms Up Tavern.

local bands on the run

The weather’s warming up and so are those touring van’s engines, and our Colorado boys and girls gear up for fast food, driving shifts, and gigs across the country. The Royal We, Switchpin goes out east, Dressy Bessy is still on tour with the Starlight Mints, The Witching Hour is playing out in UT and LA, and the Gamits are currently over in Europe.

In Other News

The DoubleDown DJ Collective marks the beginning of a new era in DJ collaboration. Focusing on cooperation not competition, 4 DJs will be chosen each season to play all night, in a two record rotation, on a local tour of Denver’s most popular new clubs and lounges. The DoubleDown DJs for Spring are Chris Bodenlos, Ivy, Danie, and Aslan. Email for more info. . . Switchpin recently revamped website, and have two new songs available for download and listening. They have a third song coming out that will be released on the Maris the Great’s Graveyard Premier. . . The Mixtape show hosted by Francous Baptiste, Kingdom and DJ Chonz airs every Sunday night KS107.5 from 11pm to 1am, mixing tracks live without the constrains of a play list. The musical selection is diverse, and often including local hip-hop artists. Now there’s a reason to listen to commercial radio again, if only for a few hours once a week.

SXSW Tales From The Road, by Donovan Welsh, bassist and singer for D.O.R.K.

We are driving back from SXSW headed toward Los Angeles only a short 22-hour drive. This last week was filled with music, parties, booze, and more booze. Recalling the week is difficult because of the lack of sleep and the nightlife is rugged.

D.O.R.K. had three showcases throughout the week that were kick ass. But, more importantly the opportunity to meet and learn from industry people was invaluable, fellow bands included. This festival showcases some of the best talent in the entire world. It gives you a gauge of where your band stands and what you should be doing.

We spent the entire week going to panels during the day and watching band after band at night. The panels range from major label A&R, making sure you’re not getting ripped off, and even health insurance for artists. Of course the parties aren’t too shabby. I was fortunate enough to meet and discuss industry info with several label reps and industry veterans, such as Everclear’s Art Alexakis, who was more than informative. I was also able to sit down and speak with Kevin Lymon, who runs the Van’s Warped Tour. We’d been on the road for three weeks and that five minutes alone was worth the entire trip.

Bottom line, SXSW is the place to be if you want to know where your band stands or where you should be by next year. Denver, our hometown, is full of great talent some of which was represented at SXSW, but we would have liked to have seen more. Hope to see ya next year.

(D.O.R.K. returns to Denver to play with Lucky Boys Confusion and Love.45, Tuesday, March 30 at the Gothic)

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— Austin Takes Over House of Rock Booking

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