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Tyler Danger Bids Lipgloss Adeiu – The End Of An Era – August 14, 2009

As I’ve written before, Lipgloss (every Friday at La Rumba, 9th & Broadway) was the first dance night in Denver that I ever went to that also gave me a musical taste of home, a close cousin to San Francisco’s indie disco dance nights ala Popscene. It’s rare that a dance night is still around a few years later, let alone eight years later. After a while you just assume it will always be there with all its players.

But time goes on and things change. People change. Life changes. And that’s just the way the cycle is supposed to revolve. With all that in mind, it still came as a “wha???!!” surprise to me when I learned that Tyler Danger (aka Tyler Jacobson) was leaving his post as the co-host Lipgloss.


Considering how long Tyler and I have been friends and share (and argued about) our musical tastes, and his period of contrition to Kaffeine Buzz, it would be unthinkable to pass on a farewell interview to let everyone know the why, when, what, and so on. And, it saves Tyler from having to answer the same damn questions over and over.

Kaffeine Buzz: So Tyler, let’s get to the “why” first. Please do tell.

Tyler Danger: I wish it were as easy as pointing out a single reason as to why I decided to leave. You know, I think I’d have to be a complete moron to leave a night that’s given me what Lipgloss has, but I had to weigh that against a few things.

I was having lunch with a mutual friend of ours and he asked me why I was sticking around since I’m not passionate about the music, because we’re making decisions based on a bottom line and since we weren’t going to be bringing anymore of my heroes through to DJ with us (like Andy Rourke or Mike Joyce or Mani or Paul Ryder, etc.).

The first Lipgloss at 60 South (now 3 Kings)

Within a couple of hours I’d made up my mind that this wasn’t really how I wanted to be spending every Friday night anymore. I have two kids, both under the age of 8 who both have had their Dad out of the house every Friday their entire lives and now my oldest is starting to get pretty bummed out about that. My hearing is definitely suffering from years of being next to a stage monitor. My fan base has regularly told me about how disenchanted they are with the sound and the quality of people that have emerged at the night over the last few years.

That’s not even the most of it. Lipgloss takes up a lot of time out of my week. I do an insane amount of behind the scenes stuff for the night like designing every poster and flyers for Lipgloss that has ever been produced, most of the button designs, most of the print advertisements, setting up listening parties and cross promotions – and that would all be fine but I’ve got a completely different full time job that is requiring more and more of me. And to be frank, I want to give it more.

Then I’ve got a radio show/podcast that I’m doing (and will continue to do) and I’ve just started on another Podcast project that should be launching later this month.

Lastly, I want to create music which is something that I did in the past but I haven’t written music in years and I really miss that. I want to put some product out there, but as anyone paying attention to this answer can understand, I simply don’t have time to do that.

And now I will.

KB: It’s been probably about two months or less since I’ve been to Lipgloss. I can’t tell that the actual style of music has changed that much. The clientele has its ups and downs, so it’s interesting to hear that the night’s music has been changed to appeal to a new, albeit lesser quality people, those that appreciate the style of music you presented. What has changed? What kind of music are you having to play to bring more people in the door to meet the bottom line?

The first November Spawned A Monster Night

TD: Lipgloss used to be a place where I could play Suede or Pulp or The Wedding Present or My Bloody Valentine. I literally get the thumbs down from some asswipe who thinks it’s cool to order bottle service when I play something like Iggy Pop. The crowd now wants big dirty beats and while I can do that, and I do indulge that, it’s not where my passion from music comes from.

Now, the upshot of that is that it’s kept Lipgloss going and attracted a crowd that may not have existed otherwise and that’s great – but it’s also not what I personally want to do. I don’t want to have to try to appeal to people who see music as going no further than a white guy singing about his dick in front of big electronica beats.

When I say that the bottom line has to be accounted for… I’m talking about the fact that we can no longer speak about bringing in someone like Paul Ryder and instead we’re looking to bring in Chromeo, who may be nice guys but I think they’re music is fucking retarded and made for people who don’t require anything more than a beat from the music they absorb. So, the magic isn’t there for me. The first time I saw my name on the same contract as Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce I about shit myself. When we got to pick up Tim Burgess from the airport I couldn’t believe that I was in any position to be hanging out with him, much less working with him in any capacity. The fact is that these guys don’t pack the place out and I’d have to start compromising what I want from the night to pay the bills. It’s not a position I want or have to be in.

KB: Who is going to replace you?

TD: Soup is going to be taking over for me. Michael is going to announce it this week I think. Michael’s got a task of continuing the night and letting people know what’s next and how he feels about it. (see the end of the article for a message from Michael)

KB: How did Michael take your decision and what did he relay to you as his plans moving forward for Lipgloss?

TD: Michael seemed to take it well. None of what I’m telling you has been a secret… I want him to succeed and be happy and we’ll likely be better friends when this is done – much in the same way that we were friends for 9 years before Lipgloss started. This also gives him the chance to give one clear, strong voice to the night.

KB: What do you have planned for last few Fridays??

TD: The last few Fridays will be the same as the previous 360+ Fridays. The last night
though, I’m going planning for a classic Lipgloss set. Hopefully my crowd will return en masse for that night. I’ve had the last song picked out for a few weeks… it’s a song I’ve loved for years and never fully understood until about 3 or 4 months ago. No, I’m not telling you.

(KB: actually, he did tell me, but I’m not tell anyone else)

KB: I never knew you wrote music! What are you planning to do there?

The Lipgloss Trio

TD: I used to be in a few bands around town in the early 90’s. Man – I’m sounding fucking old – maybe I am. Anyway, I’ve always loved the idea of creating music and I want to get back to that. Maybe it’ll be shit and I won’t release any of it out into the world… but no harm in giving it a go. I’m surrounded by some extremely talented people and I can’t wait to pretend to like I know what I’m doing.

KB: Tell me more about that and what you have planned in addition to your plans for your new podcast.

TD: The podcast thing… well, Danger Radio is kind of in limbo where affiliation is
concerned. We’re not sure if we’re part of a larger machine right now or if we’re on our own – anyway it goes, it will continue. Jake Ryan and I have a very strong following with that show and we’re connecting with some great people and I’m going to make sure that continues.

A friend of mine named Scott Redmond used to have a pretty cherry talk radio gig here in town. He wants to return to broadcasting via podcast and asked me to co-host a show with him. So, we’re working on that currently. We’re supposed to record the first episode this week.

So you’ve got three Friday’s left to get a fix of Tyler Danger at Lipgloss. Dust off your “Tyler Won’t Play My Request” buttons and give him thanks for all he’s done for the Denver music community over the years. And we’ll keep you posted on his future endeavors.

On Friday, August 21, The Who’s “Tommy” performed live by Instant Party, along with guest DJ Tower & INGLORIOUS BASTERDS Soundtrack listening party – A Fundraiser for PHAMALY

The last of the last for TDJ will be Friday, August 28. Expect a blow-out.

The latest news from Michael Trundle:

Lipgloss will continue with co-founder & resident DJ boyhollow aka Michael Trundle, who will be joined by new resident DJs Soup & aka Chase Dobson.

Soup is the winner of Westword’s 2008 Best DJ in Denver Award, and plays with boyhollow every week at Scumbag Sundays@Shag Lounge. We look forward to seeing a new side of Soup as he delves into his depth of musical knowledge to bring out his Lipgloss vibe! is known in Denver for his excellent music productions and stellar sound technician work, as well as for rocking the Lipgloss dance-floor on several occasions and several other club gigs in Denver and beyond. He’ll be joining us for a monthly residency at Lipgloss to make sure things keep stirred up.

Tyler will continue to do Danger Radio (, Mile High Soul Club & several other projects which we will keep you updated on through our Facebook, website ( & mailing list.

If you have any concerns or input on how you would like Lipgloss to progress as we enter a new era, please feel free to send me an email with your ideas!

Thanks, and we look forward to rocking with you!

Michael Trundle aka boyhollow


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