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Good Riddance – My Republic

Good Riddance‘s newest album cover features George Washington leading a charge, printed over the top of the Declaration of Independence (which, has anyone else noticed, was declared against King George?). The title, My Republic, is scrawled in an antique hand in what appears to be blood in the corner.


Three guesses as to the subject matter of most of this album. Good Riddance have managed to blend the political and the pop into their punk rock for years now, and as they get older, the intensity doesn’t fade. The record opens with a rocker reminiscent of Bad Religion at their best, and then fades into a vicious indictment of “Texas.” It’s not just about the government, though. There are still songs about what it’s like to live in this world that should be relatable for people of all ages and all levels of political involvement.

I’d almost say that this is the poppy album Anti-Flag should’ve made with their major label debut. The lyrics read less like a polemic or a lecture from a particularly involved young Social Studies teacher and more like the diary of a man stuck living with the frustration of day-to-day life in Bush’s America. And even when it’s serious, it’s still a good time.


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