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Circa Survive – Juturna

The most liberating thing in the world to me is when a song reaches a climax that deserves a few words sung into an invisible mic. It is that moment of lost control, which provides a welcomed freedom. Emo usually features that loss of control in small bursts that reflect the genre’s definition. With Circa Survive’s new record Juturna, I kept waiting for that punching escapism or a climaxing chorus, but I was robbed of my invisible mic.

The only way I can describe it was like waiting to scream with the next lyric but getting a really neutral poetic verse instead. I felt disappointed every time, feeling the need to listen to something else that could allow me to release the pent up aggression, allowing me to return to a more established equilibrium. Not only did Circa Survive leave me feeling flat, one could almost sense the band’s yearning to burst into some fit of uncontrolled seizure, thus making the record an awkward listen.

On top of that the pop-emo that I usually listen to has a typical formula of emotion built into its core and anger usually plays a big role. In other words, and in this band’s defense, their formula is far from typical emo.

In conclusion, Juturna, has mediocre qualities but is not completely unimpressive. They just need a more satisfying lyrical style to reflect real emotions, and perhaps I will get my mic back.


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