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Bars – Introducing…

This is a first release. Not the worst, mind you. This is hardcore. Not the best, mind you, but not bad. The musical structure is impressive. The guitar licks—believe it or not—could have been Murder City Devils songs. In other words, this is NOT your grandpa’s idea of hardcore. It’s got a sense of southern-rock swagger. It’s not afraid to push and pull the timing of a note here and there. Turbonegro would be proud to take these boys on the road.


Bars has written some good songs, and it’s clear that they’ve got the creativity to keep doing so. The production has a flaw or two, in terms of obvious punch-outs and off-time effects, but not to be too critical; this is a truly impressive first release.

Hardcore is a rough genre to impress in, as there is so much of it. This definitely rises near the surface. Definitely worth an ear-flossing, and what’s more, you can expect an awesomely energetic live performance from Bars.


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