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Bear Vs. Shark – Terrorhawk

Bear Vs. Shark is unique, experimental, emotional and honest. They strive to be set apart from corporate-driven, financial ideals and to be heard without discrimination through unfiltered ears. Their newest album, Terrorhawk, encompasses every intention to be set apart from the social norm, and to be as diverse as humanly possible.


Bear Vs. Shark come from an older, traditional view of emo and hardcore, before shortened versions of the two terms were used to attach to the end of another genre to make up for the lack of creativity, (i.e. emo-core) when they actually meant “emotional” and “tough.” They use this view to their advantage by creating an album that’s aggressive but sensitive, instinctive and intelligent, and experienced but fresh. Their dynamic, deeply textured rhythms and furious, energetic vocals lend the perfect amount of “hardcore” to comfortable, responsive and brainy ballad-style “emo” lyrics.

Bear Vs. Shark manages to add a little sparkle to Equal Vision’s roster through the heartfelt, raw emotion they’ve invested in Terrorhawk, and by laying it all on the line in the name of music.


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