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Various Artists – Radio 1190 Local Shakedown Vol. II – Smooch Records

Radio 1190

When I’m working late nights, can’t hear a thing from gig hopping from the night, and have crossed eyes from sending the 100th email that day, Radio 1190 has reminded me why I started Kaffeine Buzz over two years ago and have kept it running every since. When I first moved here, I saw quite a few metal bands playing out and the likes of what I have come to call Original Cover Bands. But underneath mainstream’s surface were a plethora of gems of every facet and shade. So many in fact, it’s a bit tough to even categorize them.

Diversity is a good, good, thing when it comes to music. It’s even better when you get an earful of sweet rockin’ jive, thrash-o-rama rants, honky tonk swingsets, reggae rollercoasters, noise fusion fits, undercurrent synth excursions, pop rock parties, and the kitchen sink all in one sitting. The icing on the cake is when all the bands you’re taking into your little, deaf ridden ears are in your backyard, ripe for the hearing. Some groups have been touring the nation and getting gigs on Carson Daly, while others are still keeping it local with small shows at Eric’s Bar.

Slither dub from The Babylonians to the live version of Maraca Five-O’s surf rock race on “Tits and Asphault” gets the party started. Then Swayback and Monofog crashes through the garage rock door and DeVotchKa sounds like they just flew in from Bristol, England versus having a homestead in the mountains of Colorado. Energizer would do well to open up for The Faint or Fisherspooner, while Planes Mistaken For Stars blisters the paint back from the concert walls. The mote is dark and smoky as Orbit Service captures our soul on “Minutes, Dollars, Days,” then the sun rises from underneath Dressy Bessy’s skirt as their happy ditty pulls down the lacy panties on “Just Once More.” When The Procussions hit the track, there’s no wonder why their sound is spreading far and wide across the country, and they are missed as they now call L.A. their home.

And that’s not all. “Holy Crap Batman,” there’s another 22 tracks on the second CD.

In this next chapter, Tarantella kicks out the jams like they’re throwing down a Moscow vodka drinking party; Bright Channel takes us back to The Cure’s Disintegration days; F.O.S., who is now the solo hip-hop artist Black Pegasus, makes a lot more sense about personal power and thinking for yourself than anything Dr. Phil has spouted, then Hemi Cuda goes downtown on “Thick N Tasty.” Life floats like a scarf through a pool when Blusom and Space Team Electra dive in. The Maybellines and Mr. Pacman turn any upside smile right back up. I almost thought Tom Waits had taken over the soul of Kurt from the Tarmints when “50 Cal. Al” came pouring into the bar. And with a name like 3Z13, there is definitely something futuristic, dark and white, synth and sample heavy to “Wretch.”

If only ALL the stations in Colorado supported local music this way and played a variety of the stellar bands we have living and playing in our home state. It’s a pipe dream I know, but in the meantime we can throw 1190’s compilation in our car’s CD player and just pretend. Pick it up at your independent retailer today!


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