Paid Dues Tour – August 7, 2007 – Red Rocks Amphitheater

Paid Dues

While many hip-hop aficionado’s were awaiting the arrival of this summer’s Rock The Bells tour, there were many lesser known fans who were eagerly anticipating its more Independent cousin, The Paid Dues Tour. Presented and hosted by Living Legends alum Murs 3:16 in association with Guerilla Union, this hip hop festival was supported by live […]

Blueprint – 1988

Former frontman for Weightless and Soul Position cohort with RJD2, Blueprint goes solo with 1988—and I’m not quite sure… This starts out with some old-school beats and an onslaught of “one-two one-two keepin’ on” kinda stuff. Sounds like another attempt at a modern day classic, but I can’t tell that it’s intentional, except that he […]