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Soul Position – Things Go Better With RJ and Al

Once again Rhymesayers delivers. This time it’s with the incredible duo Soul Position, comprised of rapper Blueprint and producer RJD2, who comes directly from their follow up to 2003’s 8 Million Stories. Although not as cohesive or dope as Blueprint’s acclaimed solo LP 1988, or even as groundbreaking as RJ’s Deadringer or its follow-up Since We Last Spoke, their sophomore combination Things Go Better With RJ and Al is plenty of fun.

Songs like “No Gimmicks” and “Priceless” set it straight with no-frills, down-to-business attitude. While “Hand-Me-Downs” and “The Cool Thing To Do” are uplifting without being preachy, production keeping the proceedings grounded like the music you’d listen to with your parents on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, Blueprint wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t drop some comedy, handled here with the beer goggle ode “Blame It On The Jaeger” and the timely cell phone creedo “I Need My Minutes.” If you’ve ever owned a cell phone (and who doesn’t these days) you’ll defiantly relate!


The title track “Things Go Better” allows you to explore the careers of “the best producer and the best rapper” and gives a little insight into how this record came to be. Plus, you can nod your head to it. Fans of 8,000 Million can appreciate the dark, brooding nature of “Keys,” while fans of RJD2 can groove to the production prowess and grungy hop-ness of “Intro.” Fans of Al will love the skilled couplings and neck snapping beats presented on “Free,” arguably the albums best cut.

No Gimmicks. Soul Position is just about the music, and Things Go Better is just two good friends making honest rap records. Grab a Heinie and kick back with the fellas.


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